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41. Internationales Jugendmeeting 2018 powered by HEAD

The swim team of SSF Bonn is happy to host 494 participating athletes out of 4 nations and 45 clubs, generating 2638 individual starts and 35 relay starts.

This traditional event is a must for many German clubs but also many young talents from Belgium. Two Belgian clubs, the MEGA Zwemteam and the Waterloo Natation participate continuously since 1990 and have contributed many successful champions since then. Therefore it is absolutely no surprise that the longest lasting meeting records over the 50m and 100m freestyle distance are kept by the Belgian swimmer Jorina Aerents since 2007.

The team from SC Steinhagen Amshausen always contributes lots of fun and joy. This year’s final over the 50m breaststroke distance will most probably become extremely loud since their athlete Bent Battwill plans to attack the current meeting record.

Our local swim star Rebecca Dany and Bonn’s previous swimmer Josha Salchow, now starting for SV Nikar Heidelberg, will be reaching out to the medals this time! Rebecca competes on six distances having excellent chances to grab some of the medals. Josha competes even eight times and will definitely shoot for new meeting records. He currently keeps the records on the 100m freestyle und 200m backstroke distances. But keep in mind - it will be no piece of cake, since there is quite a number of tough competitors on the short course events. Elaine Doll, record keeper on the 100m and 200m breaststroke distances, has signed up again, having good chances to achieve the „triple“ - winning on all breaststroke events and break her own meeting records!

We must admit that the conditions for such a big size swimming meet at the Frankenbad location are - specifically due to the age of the venue - no longer „state of the art“. Since quite a while many participants had high expectations to move to a new and modern swim arena, which will sadly not happen for some time. Therefore the SSF organization committee took all efforts to compensate this lack by providing each athlete an unforgettable meeting experience utilizing high level technical equipment including Meeting-TV, under water cameras and providing a very special „Finals“ section. 60 volunteers and 70 officials will guarantee three days of fair competition with a lot of competence, happiness and joy „from swimmers to swimmers“!

Ute Pilger

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15:52:32 16.11.2018


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